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Greetings to BrixBet, your authoritative source for the latest intelligence and developments in sports betting. Acknowledging the paramount importance of trust in the information we disseminate, we’ve instituted this Privacy Policy to delineate the scope of data we accrue and its application.

Protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data stands as a cornerstone of our operations at BrixBet. This Privacy Policy delineates our practices regarding data collection and utilization as you interact with our website, spanning details from name and contact information to demographic insights, aimed at enriching our offerings and customizing our engagement with you.

This data principally supports our internal operational goals, such as enhancing our service quality and addressing user inquiries, while also enabling us to inform you about new products or promotions that might pique your interest. Our unwavering commitment to data protection is aligned with stringent legal standards, ensuring your information remains private and is not disclosed to third parties without explicit consent.

BrixBet rigorously adheres to legal prohibitions against the collection of data from minors under the age of 13 and ensures that our marketing efforts are not directed at children without obtaining parental consent. Should concerns arise regarding the unauthorized sharing of data by minors, we urge immediate contact for remedial action.

We periodically revisit and amend our Privacy Policy in response to evolving service provisions or regulatory changes, making it crucial for users to periodically review this policy, especially following amendments. Continued utilization of our website post-modification signals agreement to the revised terms; should any element of the policy be objectionable, we advise against further use of our services.